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{recipe} Palm Springs Date Shake

Have I mentioned that one of my favorite places in the entire world is Palm Springs, California? I love it so much, I got married there. Not only does it offer breathtaking desert landscapes and mid-century modern marvels, it’s also home to a very specific regional culinary delight: the date shake.

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February 24, 2012   15 Comments

{recipe and knowledge} Easy Homemade Hot Cocoa, and How to Eat Chocolate Without Supporting Child Slavery

Lately I’ve been cuckoo for hot cocoa. Maybe it’s the fall chill in the air, maybe it’s the dewy nights, or maybe I just like milky, sugary, chocolate bombs delivered in hot liquid form. No matter the reason, I decided it would be wise to stop spending 3 bucks a day on ho-hum coffee shop cocoa and just make my own. This is cheaper and better, it’s not nearly as cloyingly sweet, and it takes all of about 2 minutes. It’s quick without the Qwik!

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October 24, 2011   8 Comments

{recipe} Rosé Champagne with Rosemary Syrup

As an apartment dweller with no backyard nor patio to speak of, part of my strategy this summer has been to invite myself over to other people’s backyards for BBQs and other outdoor fun. On a recent sunny Sunday, I had done just that, and upon arrival our consummate hostess immediately offered up glasses of chilled rosé champagne with a bit of rosemary syrup she had made, using sprigs from the hedgerow of sweet-smelling rosemary in her backyard.

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July 20, 2011   1 Comment

{cocktail} The Kalimotxo

I was cooking with red wine just now, and had about half an open bottle, so I thought, heck, it’s Friday afternoon, I’m going to make myself a kalimotxo!


Kalimotxo (pronounced kah-lee-MOO-choe)  is a fancy Basque word meaning “1/2 red wine and 1/2 cola”. About 20 years ago we had a Basque exchange student and my family has been drinking them ever since.

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July 17, 2009   9 Comments