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{recipe} Creamy White Bean Stew with Parmesan and Greens

creamy white bean stew with greens and parmesanMy husband has been flirting with the idea of going vegetarian, and while I don’t think us meat-lovers will ever get all the way there, it is fun to try and incorporate more vegetarian and almost-vegetarian dishes into our regular dinner repertoire. This one is a new favorite, with slow-braised white beans, kale, arugula, and spinach. It’s a definite winner!

The stew is flavored by a bit of bacon, a tiny amount of anchovies, and a parmesan rind. This is like an umami trifecta! If you’re worried about the anchovies being fishy, don’t: they just add a nuttiness and a complexity to the finished dish. To make it vegetarian, just omit the bacon and anchovies.

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{mmmmm bacon} How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

Up until recently I always made bacon in a pan on the stovetop, but now that I have learned to cook it in the oven I realize I wasted many of my prime bacon-cooking years on an inferior cooking method.

how to cook bacon in the oven

There are many things that suck about cooking bacon on the stovetop. For one thing, I never have a pan large enough to cook all the bacon I desire so I invariably have to use two pans (which means more cleanup) or cook multiple batches (which means some of the bacon gets cold.) It requires attention to make sure the bacon is cooking evenly, not burning, and that the individual pieces are cooking at the same rate (which they never are.) Also, there is always a lot of greasy splatter on the stove to clean up afterwards. [Read more →]

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{meat love} How To Make Bacon Hearts for your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is coming, which means it’s time to think about our loved ones. Candy? Flowers? Romantic poetry? Is that the best you can do?! This year, show your love with everyone’s favorite meat by making bacon hearts for your valentine!

bacon hearts 3

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{recipe} Cheesy Bacon Breakfast Strata

Strata is a breakfast casserole, and it has become my go-to Sunday breakfast or brunch recipe for a crowd: it’s easy, customizable, and you make it the night before so there is no work to do in the morning except turning on the oven. I especially recommend it for the “morning after” if you have a late night or booze-soaked event planned, since you can prep the strata on a Saturday afternoon, revel and party as late as you want on Saturday night, and wake up to a fabulous ready-made breakfast on Sunday morning.

Cheesy Bacon Breakfast Strata

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{recipe} Asian Crockpot Carnitas

While I love the idea of the crockpot, I have not had a lot of success with it. As one friend put it, you can make an OK dinner in the crockpot anytime, but it’s kind of a challenge to make a GREAT dinner in the crockpot. With the success of this recipe, however, that may all be changing for me.

Asian Crockpot Carnitas

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{recipe} Weeknight Pasta with Sausage, Broccoli, and Red Wine

Do you categorize recipes by “weeknight” and “weekend” like I do? There are some dishes I can leisurely fuss over on the weekend that I wouldn’t dream of attempting come Monday night. Between the flurry of juggling everyone’s work, childcare, exercise, and activity schedules, there will be no Bo Ssam gracing the dinner table on a weeknight. You are not getting slow-cooked short ribs on a Wednesday. Butternut squash chili? Wait for the weekend and you might get lucky.


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{recipe} Ham and Cheese Pancakes

I love sweet, buttery, maple-drenched pancakes–for about one or two bites. After that, I want salt! Luckily, this problem is easy to solve. Simply add ham and cheese to the inside of a fluffy buttermilk pancake, and you have a nearly perfect breakfast.

ham cheese pancakes

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{recipe} Easy Asian Shredded Pork Tacos

You know what’s awesome? TACOS. You know what’s even awesomer? ASIAN TACOS. I love America.

Basically you brown some meat, add some junk to the pot, cook the heck out of it in the oven, put it in a tortilla. Sweet, spicy, salty, porky. What could be easier or more delicious? Practically nothing.

If you are even lazier than me (hard to believe, but possible) I bet you could even skip the browning and just go straight to the junk-in-the-pot part. If you do, let me know if it’s good.

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{recipe} Momofuku-Inspired Bo Ssam, aka Korean Slow-Roasted Pork, with Ginger Scallion Sauce

Can we talk about David Chang for a minute? He kind of seems like a loose cannon, or maybe even a huge jerk, even, but the recipes he magnanimously shares with the public almost always turn out to be among my favorites. For example, his short ribs easily beat Thomas Keller’s. So when I saw his Bo Ssam recipe in the New York Times this week, I knew I had to try it immediately. I was dying to taste this sweet and salty, crackly, crispy, falling apart pork roast. Since I wanted to make it for lunch and it takes 6 hours in the oven, that meant setting an alarm for 5:30 AM to put it in the oven, then going back to bed. But I knew that David wouldn’t let me down–and he didn’t.

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{recipe} Pork and Prune Stew

I know the words “stew” and “prunes” are not the two sexiest food words, especially in combination, but damn–prunes and pork together, slow-cooked until they’re rich and saucy–I have to tell you, it’s an excellent combination, especially on a cold winter night.

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