{wtf airlines?} China Southern Air FAQs

I was trying to book some intra-China flights on the web and found a lot of pitfalls and language barriers. For example, I happened upon this page entitled “Common Questions” on the China Southern Airlines page. Questions 1,2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 seem OK but check out #4.

1、How can I get a refund on my order?
2、What is a order number?
3、Is this online reservation service provided for all China Southern Airlines flights?
4、I live in Guangzhou and my friend is returning from Canada. He will fly to Wuhan from Beijing Capital Airport. Can I make online reservation ticket for him when he arrives in Beijing and can pick up his ticket?
5、What is valid identification document?
6、How do I find out which airport in Shanghai my flight will arrive?
7、Why can’t more than six people make an online reservation in one order


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