{shopping} Three Random Cool Things for Your Kitchen

I haven’t been cooking that much lately so I have no recipes to share today, but here are three food-related things I think everyone should be aware of.

  • I love this tape-timer from Urban Peel, and it’s a bargain at $19. Housewarming gift?
  • I wish my kitchen could absorb this color scheme because these Rangemaster floral stoves are sweet. Looks like they are only available in the UK for now but they are pretty spectacular, and definitely unique!
  • This extendable phallus The Spinmallow is a gadget that spins your marshmallow over the fire for you. Because you know, spinning your own marshmallow is really tough on the wrists. They call it “the newest camping and backyard sensation. It’s the most exciting way to toast marshmallows over a campfire or barbeque.” Indeed! You can buy one for just $9.95.

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