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{recipe} Mediterranean Summer Salad with Heirloom Tomatoes, Figs, and Feta

I apologize for the long delay between posts – I was traveling for about a month, and since coming back, have been scrambling madly to get caught up on everything I left behind. Part of my travels took me to Greece and Turkey, so I have Mediterranean flavors on my mind and on my palate.

Mediterranean Summer Salad

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{recipe} Make This: Asparagus Panzanella with Buttermilk Dressing from 101 Cookbooks

Whenever I am in need of vegetarian inspiration, I turn to my friend Heidi’s gorgeous site 101 Cookbooks. This recipe for asparagus panzanella s so good, so easy, and so quick that I know it will become a weekend lunch staple for years to come.

asparagus panzanella

The recipe is deceptively simple: you toast torn bread in some butter and salt, blanch asparagus, and make an easy buttermilk dressing by shaking together just a few ingredients. But the combination is fabulous. I think it would be great with some toasted almonds or hazelnuts sprinkled on top, and will try that next time.

Alongside a roasted chicken, it makes a pretty perfect meal – and you can make all the components in advance and just toss them together right before serving. This is one you don’t want to miss! You can find the recipe at 101 Cookbooks.

P.S. You can pre-order Heidi’s forthcoming book, Near and Far, which is coming out in September – or read this fun post about how she put the cookbook together.

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{recipe} Spiced Green Lentil Coconut Soup

Here in Northern California it’s been raining like crazy and the skies darken so early each afternoon. This kind of weather almost demands you make something nourishing and warm, with just a little bit of spice. This green lentil coconut soup fills the bill perfectly.

lentil coconut soup

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{recipe} Creamy Garlic Parsley Dressing

I am usually an oil and vinegar kind of person, mostly because I’m too lazy to do much of anything else with my salads. But in the interest of branching out, I have started doing some experimenting. This creamy garlic parsley dressing is absolutely fantastic and really easy to put together.

garlic parsley dressing

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{life changing} How To Make Croutons That Taste 1,000 Times Better Than Any Kind You Can Buy

I am almost always disappointed by a crouton. It is too big, too hard, too crumbly, too dry. It is not good. It should get out of my salad already.

make croutons

And even in a fancy store, you think: OK, these are like 7 bucks a bag, and I’m in a fancy store, so they’ve got to be good.

And then they are not good.

But there is so much potential there! I mean it’s basically bread, oil, and herbs – so why is that not working out better? And is this the best we can do? Stale tasting, tooth-shattering, dust bombs adorning our salads?

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{recipe} Creamy Butternut Squash Soup with Coconut and Red Curry (That Happens to Also Be Vegan and Gluten-Free)

I may be a meat-lover down to the (probably delicious) marrow in my bones, but living in San Francisco means I have vegan friends, of course. While this soup was created explicitly for them, it’s so good that your average starch-chowing carnivore will not feel as though they are missing out by eating it. The texture is silky and the flavors balanced with a light kick of curry and ginger. So whether you’re vegan and/or gluten-free, or not (like me!)–this is a great recipe to add to your repertoire.

butternut squash soup

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{recipe} Brown Butter Vinaigrette

I feel like I have unlocked a magical secret with this creamy, nutty dressing that I want to drink by the pint. I mean, finally, after all these years, I have figured out a legitimate way to put butter on a salad. 

brown butter

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{recipe} Cheesy Broccoli Carrot Soup

I don’t know if it’s the cooler weather, the Christmas music that started playing before Halloween, or what – but lately all I can think about is warm, creamy, hearty, cheesy food. At work I surf comfort food on Pinterest and dream about the rich, dairy-laden things I’m going to make for dinner. But at some point, you have to throw a few vegetables into the mix too. Broccoli cheese soup seemed like a good start – but most of the recipes I found had heavy cream or half-and-half in them, and it just sounded unnecessary, even for me. I came up with a lighter recipe that is still super creamy – but uses chicken broth, leeks, carrots, and cheese to get a great flavor and texture. You won’t miss the cream one bit!


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{recipe} Kale, Cabbage, & Clementine Salad with Miso Dressing

The other night, I got home from work around 5:15 and had dinner guests arriving at 5:30. I had this easy chicken dish planned, but very little in the way of side dishes. I knew I had some half bunches of produce here and there so thought I would quickly invent a salad on the fly based on what was laying around.

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{recipe} Pork and Prune Stew

I know the words “stew” and “prunes” are not the two sexiest food words, especially in combination, but damn–prunes and pork together, slow-cooked until they’re rich and saucy–I have to tell you, it’s an excellent combination, especially on a cold winter night.

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