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{wrong and wronger} Which Is Grosser: the Ramen Taco or the Waffle Taco?

Two abhorrent “tacos” (and I use the term lightly and with a slight vomit taste in my mouth) have recently come to my attention, and I can’t decide which is more gross. First up, we have this “ramen taco”, because really, who doesn’t want to eat the entire packet of ramen noodles rendered even drier than they normally are, with no (secretly delicious) MSG-laden seasoning in sight, filled with standard taco toppings?

ramen taco

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February 24, 2014   3 Comments

{travelogue} Street Eats and Spicy Stuff; Crickets and Craft Beer: A Second Time Around in Shanghai

I recently went back to what I think might be my #1 favorite Chinese city: Shanghai. I have met so many Westerners who tell me they don’t like Shanghai, but I think the problem is that it’s like New York or London or any other huge metropolis: it is so big and there are so many things to do that it can be hard to crack past the touristy spots and get into the real Shanghai. But once you figure out what to do and where to go, it is a fantastic cosmopolitan destination that should be on everyone’s short list.

detail of stone carving

This trip, we made a point of discovering great street food, trying restaurants that represent cuisine from different parts of China, and exploring some hidden treasures. Here are my recommendations to help you figure out all of the very best things to do in Shanghai. And be sure to read my previous post for a complementary set of recommendations so you’ll be totally well-versed on all that’s great about this busy city!

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{secret chef tips} 8 Important Things You Should Know About Cooking with Garlic

I love garlic. And apparently, so does everyone else: it’s one of the most ubiquitous seasonings in the world, used by people in every country and thought to have many health benefits and healing properties. Here are 8 important things I think you should know about cooking with garlic, so you can make the most of this fabulous ingredient!


Top 8 Things You Should Know About Cooking with Garlic 

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January 27, 2014   2 Comments

{recipe} Chai-Spiced Persimmon Scones

Last fall, my friend Garrick made a delicious cocktail involving fresh persimmon juice and Chai-infused bourbon. (Yes, he is an over-achiever, why do you ask?) These scones are inspired by that flavor combination – and they taste like all the good things about autumn in one flaky, buttery package.

persimmon scones

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November 21, 2013   1 Comment

{travel tips} Zürich in Summer

I’m just back from a trip to Switzerland and Italy, and wanted to share all of my favorite things in Zürich before I forget them. Zürich in the summer is a wonderful place to visit, with so much to do!

zurich river

Things to do in Zürich

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September 9, 2013   2 Comments

{recipe} Soft & Chewy Molasses Crinkle Cookies

These are an old favorite. I first tried them at a friend’s house in the 8th or 9th grade. Her mom gave my mom the recipe, and the rest is history. When I had a baby, I asked my mom to run home and make a batch and bring them to me in the hospital and then I ate them all and asked for a second batch. That’s how much I like these cookies!

molasses crinkles

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{travelogue} Maui Update: More Favorite Eats and Activities Around the Island

I love Maui – it’s one of my favorite places in the whole world. I have written previously about some of my favorite places to eat and visit in Maui, but that post mostly covered the Western part of the island. Since then, I have made enough repeat visits to explore most other parts of the island as well. Here is a second round of suggestions for great things to eat and do on Maui!


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August 5, 2013   1 Comment

{recipe} Sazerac Cocktail

The Sazerac is a traditional New Orleans cocktail, and it’s a doozy. Strong and sweet; I can only drink one. But boy, do I enjoy that one. To make a proper Sazerac cocktail, you need both Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters, plus a sugar cube and a twist of lemon, to flavor a glass of chilled rye or bourbon. A rinse of absinthe adds the aroma and light taste of anise to the Sazerac to round it out.


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July 1, 2013   1 Comment

{how to} Easy Homemade Cronuts

Have you heard about the cronut craze that’s sweeping the nation? Here’s the story in a nutshell: some guy in New York took the fried, glazed goodness of a donut and introduced it to the flaky layers of a croissant. They had a baby and behold, the cronut was born. And people are out of their minds over it. Like, spending $40 to buy one black market cronut out of their minds.


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June 7, 2013   3 Comments

{recipe} Homemade Harissa

Harissa is a spicy North African sauce or paste made from dried chilis, toasted spices, garlic, and oil. In Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya, people use harissa like mustard or ketchup–it goes on many, many things. It’s hard to find a really excellent version to buy in the U.S., but luckily it’s pretty easy to make at home. I like to make a large batch and preserve it in cute jars so I can give them as hostess gifts.


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May 31, 2013   5 Comments