{wrong and wronger} Which Is Grosser: the Ramen Taco or the Waffle Taco?

Two abhorrent “tacos” (and I use the term lightly and with a slight vomit taste in my mouth) have recently come to my attention, and I can’t decide which is more gross. First up, we have this “ramen taco”, because really, who doesn’t want to eat the entire packet of ramen noodles rendered even drier than they normally are, with no (secretly delicious) MSG-laden seasoning in sight, filled with standard taco toppings?

Next up, we have this early-morning aberration from Taco Bell, the waffle taco. Calling this a “taco” is a stretch, since it’s really just a waffle folded over like a tortilla, but the mere thought of folding a flaccid fast food waffle over a mystery meat patty and something that vaguely resembles scrambled eggs makes me want to hurl.

The good/bad news is that it doesn’t seem like the ramen taco is widely available, while Taco Bell is reportedly rolling out the waffle taco nationwide as I type.

So tell me, which is grosser: the ramen taco or the waffle taco? 

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3 Responses

  1. Emma says:

    Ugh… I could not agree with you more!

    To me, given the information I have, the waffle taco is grosser, because the filling is not made at home, therefore, is more suspect…

  2. eliza says:

    I’m sorry. I beg to differ. The ramen taco is definitely grosser.
    Plus, the first bite and the whole thing will just fall all over you.

    While the waffle taco, well, I think it’s somewhat genius! Sure, you probably don’t want the one TacoBell is selling but whip one up at home, smother it with some real maple syrup, and bestill my beating heart.

    Waffle taco FTW!