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{ask me anything about anywhere} “Paris, Berlin, & Rome, with Stops In Between?”

People ask me for travel advice all the time, and sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it in advance. Here’s your chance to ask me anything about anywhere! If I have any good intel–I’ll gladly share it with you. This is the question that inspired the start of this new regular feature!

The Question: “Me, my wife, and my 2-year-old son are going to Europe for the month of May.  We fly into Berlin at the start of the month and we fly out of Rome at the end.  We will definitely make our way to Paris in between, but that’s all we have.  I’ve only been to London, Amsterdam and few cities in Spain, so I am completely overwhelmed with the many choices of where else we could go. So, I’m wondering if you know of any easy-to-get-to great locales in between Berlin, Paris and Rome. Also, any train advice you have would be helpful.  I know that flying between the cities would be cheapest, but I’m trying to avoid flying and airports as much as possible.

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{saucy getaway} Strolling Streets and Sampling Treats in Puebla, Mexico

A few months ago, I posted about some of my favorite things to do in Cholula, Mexico. This is the companion post, about Puebla. (If you go to Puebla, you will go to Cholula, and vice-versa–partly because they are both fabulously interesting places and mostly because they are only about a 15 minute drive from one another.)

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{weekend getaway} 26 Miles Across The Sea… Catalina Island

When we were kids, our parents would sing us this song, which starts like this:

26 Miles across the sea, Santa Catalina is a-waiting for me,
Santa Catalina, the island of romance, romance, romance, romance…

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{getaway} Best of Bali

Some friends are heading to Bali for their honeymoon–and while I’m incredibly jealous, I had to share some of my very favorite recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and activities. Bali is one of my most beloved places in the whole world. There are many places that I visit and think, “this is great, but now that I’ve seen it, I don’t have to come back.” Bali is not one of those places.

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{hotels} Garrick’s Guide: Best Hotels in Spain (Bonus: Fes + London Too!)

My friend Garrick leads a life that in many ways is similar to my own life. He is fabulous, in fact even more fabulous than me, and he knows how to live, eat, and travel in a way that allows one to maximize hedonism while fiercely appreciating the situation. He and his lovely wife Amy returned from what sounded like a bang-up trip to London, Spain, and Morocco and were kind enough to distill their months of research and planning and experience into one sweet little hotel guide for me! So if you find yourself going Iberian in the near future… by all means, you WANT to listen to these people. Trust me on that one! They have not yet led me astray. And, you will notice that in some cities they even tried out a couple of different places.

So consider this a guest post… Garrick, take it away!

GRANADA Palacio del Patos
This is the place Amy said was way too cool for her.  It is probably the most stylish room I’ve ever stayed in.  In true TabletHotel fashion, style trumped substance, but what a fun place to stay!

a room at Carmen de la Alcubilla del Caracol

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{getaway} Eating in (Mostly West) Maui

Maui is a tropical paradise- what’s not to like? It’s so gorgeous and lovely and the very nice people are so full of Aloha spirit there that I’d go even if they had sub-par food (a few of the Caribbean islands come to mind, but I’m not naming names). But they don’t! The food there is some of the best. Especially if you are like me, and enjoy eating spicy raw fish multiple times a day.

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{recipe + craft} The Gingerbread Casbah

And now for something completely different: the GINGERBREAD CASBAH.


The gingerbread casbah came into being because every year, we throw a themed Christmas party for around 100 of our closest friends. Since we just took a honeymoon to the Middle East, we thought we could try out some new tricks at a Middle East-themed Christmas party. After all, that is where the whole Christmas thing started, right? An evite full of bad puns later (“we are Beiruting for you to come”, and so forth) we had our “Christmas at the Casbah” party ready to go, and all we needed was an impressive centerpiece.

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{northern lights} Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos in Finland

When folks heard we were heading to Northeastern China for the Ice and Snow Festivals, I found it interesting that EVERYONE asked if we were staying in an ice hotel. To which I replied, “Hell no! We’re staying in the hotel most likely to have heaters!” Sorry, but the idea of going to a super cold place to sleep on an ice bed doesn’t appeal, no matter how many reindeer skins you lay on me.

But it looks like you can get the best of both worlds at the Kakslauttanen Hotel in Finland by staying in these glass igloos.

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{utahlicious} Super Sweet Swimmin’ Hole in Utah

Even though caves kind of freak me out, I am itching to go to this crater mineral bath in Utah.

“It is a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock that nature has hollowed out and filled with 90° to 96° water. We have created a tunnel through the rock wall at ground level and built decks and a soaking area for our guests and the public to access the crystal clear mineral water. You can go swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling or enjoy a therapeutic soak. The Homestead Crater is the only warm water scuba diving destination in the continental US and it attracts many diving enthusiasts and those wishing to get certified in a comfortable environment.”

Visit the Homestead Resort site for more info.

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{getaway} Long Weekend: Mexico City

My friend Erica is heading to a business trip in Mexico City and asked for some food and drink recommendations, so I wrote some up for her. But why should she get all the insider info when I could just as easily share it with you?

Don’t fool yourself, Mexico City (DF to locals- which stands for “Distrito Federal) changes hotspots faster than NYC- with a population of 20+ million, there are sure to be a fair number of hipsters and trendsetters living and playing there. Here are some classic spots, as well as some joints du jour you should eat and drink at if you find yourself there.

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