{adventures in gingerbread} The French Quarter, New Orleans – in Gingerbread

Behold: New Orleans’ French Quarter, made entirely of gingerbread and candy!
New Orleans Gingerbread House

For the past several years I’ve gotten together with a group of friends to make a crazy gingerbread project. (See bottom of the post for links to all of the previous projects!) This is actually last year’s project, which I thought I’d share now in hopes I can get it together in time this year to share our upcoming project. The project is always related to the theme of our Christmas party, which was “Christmas in the French Quarter.”

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December 14, 2016   1 Comment

{feliz navidad} Epic Gingerbread Taqueria

I can’t believe this is the fifth crazy gingerbread project I’ve made, but here we are – and I think number five turned out pretty great despite a skeleton crew working on it. So without further ado I present to you: San Francisco’s iconic La Taqueria, entirely rendered in gingerbread and candy form.

la taq

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December 18, 2013   4 Comments

{adventures in gingerbreading} The Snowy Japanese Gingerbread Pagoda

Last week I did a roundup of my previous adventures in non-traditional gingerbreading, and I’m excited to show you what we made this year: The Snowy Japanese Gingerbread Pagoda.

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December 21, 2012   3 Comments

{gingerbread in the house} Non-Traditional Gingerbread “Houses” I Have Made and Loved

Today I will be making my fourth non-traditional gingerbread house – I will keep it a surprise for the moment – so I found myself looking back on the last three years of crazy gingerbreading for ideas and inspiration. Since I (and the small group of friends on Team Gingerbread) only do it once a year, I find I sometimes forget crucial technical matters, like: never use Pirouette cookies as structural support (they break down and sag within 24 hours!) and an elaborate gingerbread backdrop is more trouble than it’s worth (too heavy, so there is far too much support needed.) On this eve of another explosive gingerbread creation, I wanted to share a little roundup of the past 3 years’ efforts.

Important note: I am a stickler for everything being edible in these – even structural supports. The only thing you can’t eat is the base, which is usually cardboard covered in foil or wrapping paper.

2009: The Gingerbread Casbah

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December 14, 2012   4 Comments

{candy wonderland} Gingerbread Christmas Cabana – This Year, Santa’s in the Southern Hemisphere!

Christmas is almost here! Yay. That means it’s gingerbread time. Every year we have a theme party, which last year resulted in the Gingerbread Casbah. This year the theme is “Christmas in Summer” so we took Santa to the Southern Hemisphere with a Gingerbread Christmas cabana!

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December 18, 2010   10 Comments

{recipe + craft} The Gingerbread Casbah

And now for something completely different: the GINGERBREAD CASBAH.


The gingerbread casbah came into being because every year, we throw a themed Christmas party for around 100 of our closest friends. Since we just took a honeymoon to the Middle East, we thought we could try out some new tricks at a Middle East-themed Christmas party. After all, that is where the whole Christmas thing started, right? An evite full of bad puns later (“we are Beiruting for you to come”, and so forth) we had our “Christmas at the Casbah” party ready to go, and all we needed was an impressive centerpiece.

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December 23, 2009   18 Comments