{adventures in gingerbread} The French Quarter, New Orleans – in Gingerbread

Behold: New Orleans’ French Quarter, made entirely of gingerbread and candy!

For the past several years I’ve gotten together with a group of friends to make a crazy gingerbread project. (See bottom of the post for links to all of the previous projects!) This is actually last year’s project, which I thought I’d share now in hopes I can get it together in time this year to share our upcoming project. The project is always related to the theme of our Christmas party, which was “Christmas in the French Quarter.”

This was a fun one to make, and I love how it came out! So many little details to enjoy.

Santa is in New Orleans’ purple, throwing beads from his sleigh (which is pulled by alligators, through the swamp, of course)

Po’ Boys, beignets, and oysters for sale… with a jazz club below

Here is a sassy Mrs. Claus with her Mardi Gras beads on. And yes, she is hinting at lifting up her top for more beads…

And it wouldn’t be New Orleans without a little occult voodoo action going on.

What’s it made of? 

I am really strict about only allowing edible things in the gingerbread project- even as support. I also don’t like using fondant, marzipan, or other moldable things because I feel like it’s cheating. So it has to be candy or gingerbread only.

The windows are melted Jolly Ranchers, and there are a lot of gummies and licorice that get employed. And of course, peppermint sticks and various chocolates. Don’t forget the gummy alligators!


We always use this gingerbread recipe from C&H, which is always easy to work with, pliable, not too sticky, and smells great. For the icing glue, we mix egg whites and powdered sugar in a mixer with a whisk attachment until it’s the right consistency. (You can also use Royal Icing powder, also called Meringue Powder, that you just mix with water.) For ease of construction, we put the icing into Ziploc bags and cut a small hole in the corner to pipe the designs. The icing dries out very quickly so the bags also help it stay pliant.

To see all of the previous gingerbread projects, you can find pictures and descriptions here:

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