{restaurant} La Merenda in Nice, France

I got a request from a friend who was traveling to Nice, France since she is heading there for work. There is a restaurant there that is so good, so special, and so memorable that I wanted to tell everyone even though I myself haven’t been to Nice for about 5 years!

The restaurant is called La Merenda- you will not find much about it online, if anything. There is no phone, so you have to stop by during the day in person to make a reservation, then go back in the evening when it’s time to eat. It is a sublime example of well-done simplicity. The place is tiny and has extremely personable, professional service. The food is largely no-frills and totally divine. When I’m a billionaire I’m going to hire the chef to open a branch of the restaurant in my living room. I wish it was close enough to be my local neighborhood haunt! If you find yourself in Nice or nearby, don’t miss it.

the info:
La Merenda
4 rue Terrasse
Nice, France

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