{gadget} Gin and Titonic

Gin and tonic? That’s like sooooo 5 minutes ago. OK so it’s actually like sooooo British-colonial-India-before-partition ago but I was talking about it as a retro trend. Anyhow, I realize that I’ve only just started writing this and I’m already grossly off-topic so let me get to the point. Here it is: the Gin and Titonic is an ice mold that makes Titanic-shaped and iceberg-shaped cubes to collide and capsize in your cocktail. Death! Destruction! Hazy remembrances of a shirtless Leo DiCaprio… All captured in one magical moment!

It’s not actually that funny to make jokes about hundreds of people who drowned a long time ago, but then again, clinky icy icebergs and ships! In your glass! So much better than a stupid, lame CUBE. Or that crappy crushed ice that melts in 2 seconds. If I WANTED a gin and tonic SLUSHY I woulda gone to 7-11, shoot. I’m talking to you, crushed ice abusers. You know who you are.

Oh, right, back to useful details. You can’t buy it at these places, designed by Fred & Friends, yada yada yada.

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