{travel + wtf} Night Border Crossing Experience in Mexico

I just got this email about vacation packages from the travel site Kayak.com- which incidentally I had heretofore felt was the best travel site. Now, I’m not so sure. WTF?!?! No seriously, WTF?!?!?

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Immigration and border patrol seems to be at the top of every political conversation. At Parque Eco Alberto, you can go on a pretend ‘Night Border Crossing Experience.’ The parque is owned by the Hnahnu Indians in Hidalgo, about three hours from Mexico City. The $18, four-hour night hike starts with the Mexico National Anthem. Your ‘coyote’ guide, Pancho, pulls off his black ski mask while actors gather around to scare you senseless along the way. Run from border control agents; dodge hidden actors shooting (blanks) at you, and make your way through barbed-wire fences. Survivors are blindfolded, led across a rickety bridge, and then set free to run across the border to freedom!

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2 Responses

  1. camille says:

    That is so… kind of horrible, actually. Has anyone started an Underground Railway Tour yet?

  2. Karen says:

    Oh, I definitely think there is an Underground Railway Tour. And I just read that they are considering a thing where you can sleep in Alcatraz… creepy!