{laugh} Funny Drinks From Japan

When I was in Tokyo I took a lot of pictures of weird drinks I found in vending machines… enjoy!

  • POCARI SWEAT – I don’t know what a “pocari” is but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to drink its sweat! Tastes like Gatorade but gross.
  • LOVE BODY – this is actually a Coca-Cola product, which is kind of surprising. You’d think they could run the naming by their US office, eh?
  • BLACK BOSS – non-discrimination in the workplace has never tasted so good. Also features a weird picture of a white dude smoking a pipe on it.
  • HOT VITAMIN – this does not sound appealing. Note on the top it assures you it is your life partner. Good to know in case I have trouble meeting someone.
  • CALPIS – mmm a whole vending machine of Calpis. Yummy!

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