{recipe} Feta Yogurt Dip, aka A Super Easy Dip I Just Invented Right Now

I had some  good quality feta left over and then I was also hungry and had limited items in the fridge. So I invented a dip on the fly to go with some crackers I had laying around and it worked out really well.

I think this would be great with pita or pita chips as well. I didn’t give any amounts in the recipe, because it’s not an exact science and should be put together to taste. I guarantee you won’t mess it up! I like to use a milder feta and a tangy yogurt like Fage or another Greek or Persian yogurt. If you want to make this lower fat you can use lowfat or nonfat yogurt, but it won’t be quite as rich and creamy.

Feta Yogurt Dip

1 part feta
2 parts plain yogurt
fresh oregano leaves, roughly chopped (can use a different herb like thyme, mint, cilantro, or marjoram if preferred.)
fresh cracked pepper
extra virgin olive oil


  • Crumble up the feta and combine with yogurt.
  • Mix in herbs. Add pepper and a bit of the oil- just so it gets to be dippy consistency.
  • Taste and add salt if necessary. You probably won’t need to as most feta is pretty salty already.

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