{halloween} Halloween Treats From Around The Series Of Tubes And Dumptrucks

I was looking at Halloween ideas with my 8 year old niece last night, and we thought this stuff was sooooo cool. We also recognized that we are probably never going to motivate to make anything this complex but we love the idea that somebody might.

Martha Stewart doesn’t usually do it for me, but my GOODNESS these are lovely ghost and witch hat petit-fours. They don’t look as hard or time-consuming as I expected for a MS recipe but they are still kind of a lot of work. But how cool are they? Basically the recipe tells you take a cake and cut it into circles, then pipe a big pointy hunk of frosting on it, then pour a glaze over it. So if you bought like a pound cake or a banana bread or something instead of making a cake yourself, it would be a lot easier.

Also on Martha Stewart, these cute creepy cupcakes! I especially like the mummy ones and they have the added bonus of seeming the easiest to make. Find instructions here – if you dare. That’s, if you dare to spend an entire day making cupcakes because this would take forever.

Of course, if you’re more into the gruesome stuff, you could always follow this Instructables project which shows you how to hollow out a creepy doll and serve guacamole in it.

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