{internetz are weird} How To: Clean A Pig You Killed

One thing I did not consider when naming this blog was that the google search on the names and terms would yield daily doses of gross. You may be surprised to know that people do really GROSS things with meathooks that have nothing to do with meat. Like this. Or this. Or even this. Spoiler alert: the last link is a person hanging from a tree by a meathook. On purpose. Alive. Oops, did I ruin the ending for you? My bad.

Anyway, this week the google alert involved how to clean a pig you just killed and I wanted to share it with you because the setup is that a guy asks the question on this forum, and this OTHER guy, a total stranger, writes like a 6 page manual on how to clean the pig, just as one long run-on comment. Meanwhile, the other commenters just post links. So here you go– it’s not as tasty as what happens on this blog, but it’s still a lot less gross than the other things we talked about. Thank you, internetz. Now I know the first step post-kill is to “plug up his rectum then use your gut hook to unzip him clear to his chin.” That will come in handy someday, I’m SURE of it.

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4 Responses

  1. camille says:

    Hey, I used to know a guy (online) who did the hook-dangling. He would sign his posts on the forum we were both members of “… said the guy who hangs himself from hooks.”

    He was a pretty interesting dude. Looked like a salty old seadog and once pierced Britney Spears’ bellybutton.

  2. Fig says:

    Hi, I’m here because your guest-post on TNS was funny and charming! Anyway. Suspensions are pretty interesting so long as they’re done in a safe and sanitary manner with lots of spotters–but yeah, it’s pretty far away from anything food-blog related. Makes me wish I had a website so I could see all the weird hits.

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