{valentine’s} Free Valentine’s Day Cards

There are so many free printable Valentines out there on the series of tubes – here are some of the best. You still have 2 days to print them out. I am going to preemptively give full snaps to Neatorama which is the original source of the first three.

  • Bitter Superhero Valentines – get them at Shirt.Woot
  • Pun-laden Science Geek Valentines – get them at Neatorama

  • Pun-laden Science Geek Valentines, the cartoon version – get them at Ironic Sans
  • Edible Dog Biscuit Cards for your Dog – yikes – get them at Crunchkins
  • Anti-Valentines by Dylan Edwards- get them on his site

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1 Response

  1. xenos says:

    oh why did i bother making my own cards when there are so many perfectly fine politically incorrect ones out there that are FREE! thanks for the laughs k!