{gross} Food For Thought: a 25 lb. Bucket Of Lard

Did you know you could buy a 25 lb. bucket of lard from Wal-Mart?

Hey, now, I might use a little lard if I’m making some tricky authentic Mexican recipe, or a pie crust (although I tend to favor Crisco for that) but regardless, I have never needed to buy it in more than 1-lb increments. I can’t imagine what you would need 25 lbs. for all at the same time. It has 105,000 calories all in that bucket. Assuming an appropriate calorie intake of 2000 calories a day, you could just eat a fistful out of that bucket once a day for 2 months and nothing else and get all of your calorie intake. GROSS.

He looks so happy! But there is a story behind all of this, of course. A story by a vegan.

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