{easter} Lots O’ Peeps For My Peeps

Apparently, marshmallow peeps have become their very own art medium. Here is an exhaustive list of peeps-related weblinks, which includes things like porno peeps, how to make your own peeps (why?!), the best way to use peeps as fishing bait, peeps performing scenes from Shakespeare, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings (er, Lord of the Peeps), and much, much more.

My favorites are, in no particular order:

  • This highly sophisticated Salon.com article about the birthplace of peeps.
  • PeepHaiku.com.
  • A tutorial from Serious Eats on how to make “Peepshi” – sushi from Peeps and Rice Krispy bars.
  • This amazing news article from San Diego in which the “investigative reporters” did things like shooting peeps with 9MM guns, crushing them with a crane, and the like- in an attempt to prove that they are indestructible. (Um… slow news day, perhaps?)
  • The Peep Research site which explores the effects of smoking and alcohol on peeps, and performs scientific and medical experiments on them- well-documented and hilariously presented, including the example below.

So how do you feel about using peeps as a medium for your art? What’s your vote for best use of peeps?

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