{wordless wednesday} “This Fruit Is Called Cocuixtle” in Guadalajara

Now, if only I knew what cocuixtle was…

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5 Responses

  1. Nicole says:

    Hmmmmm… did you buy some?

  2. Marchbanks says:

    Seems they’re the flowers of a kind of bromeliad, and have a pineapple-y flavor. They’re supposed to have some medicinal value for diabetes, but my Spanish isn’t strong enough to understand exactly how.

  3. Bret Williamson says:

    It is a fruit of a bromeliad, and it is absolutely delicious. Most of it (according to the vendors I have spoken with in the state of Jalisco)is produced organically; it makes a good drink, and a good fruit preserve (I had a peanut butter and cocuixtle preserve sandwich for lunch today). Most vendors will let you sample one, if you ask, and if you sample one of these, you will want to buy some. It’s o.k. to swallow the seeds inside, too; I have seen people crunch them up with their teeth, but I just swallow them.