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{recipe} Slow Cooker Beef Burgundy Stew

I love a rich, warm, beefy stew that’s been cooked all day. Wouldn’t it be great to spend the day recreating Julia Child’s famous Boeuf Bourgignon recipe? Sadly, I have neither the time nor the interest in taking that on at the moment. So here, I’ve done some experimentation to make a beef burgundy stew in the crockpot.

Somehow it feels unfair to be able to make such a fantastic dinner with so little effort.

beef burgundy

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{recipe} Hearty Beef Shank Stew with Parmesan Dumplings

I pinned a recipe for beef stew with parmesan dumplings on Pinterest about a year ago, and every time I see the photo, it has a Pavlovian effect on me – I start to salivate. I am not sure why it took me so long to actually try it, but I finally did and was not disappointed.

beef stewe

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February 3, 2014   1 Comment

{recipe} Seared Lamb Chops with Broiled Figs and Toasted Cumin Raita

For a blog that has the word “meat” so prominently in the title, I am chagrined to report that I only have two lamb recipes (other than this one) so far. That is pathetic! But this lamb offering is pretty fantastic, so I’m hoping it makes up for the paucity of lamb recipes overall with its individual deliciousness.

Although this is actually pretty easy to make, and only involves seven ingredients total, it is something I would categorize a “fancy recipe.” That is to say, it is a recipe that seems fancy on the plate because it has specific garnishes. Also because you have to toast the cumin as a whole separate step, which only takes like 30 seconds but is definitely a special touch. And don’t even think about skipping the toasting, either. It makes a big difference.

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{recipe} Butternut Squash & Short Rib Chili

It’s cold and rainy outside, and there is really only one thing I want to eat: this chili made with butternut squash, beef short ribs, and black beans. The flavors are complex, with a hint of cocoa powder and just the right amount of heat. Top it with fresh cilantro, some crumbled Mexican queso fresco, and some fresh slices of avocado, and the winter blues will melt away.

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January 20, 2012   6 Comments

{recipe} Bulgogi Sloppy Joes with Spicy Mayo

Sloppy Joes + Korean BBQ – how could I possibly resist? Answer: I couldn’t. Result: perfection on a bun.

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September 28, 2011   2 Comments

{recipe} The Best Short Ribs You’ll Ever Eat

After a week of glorious sun and 80+ degree weather, a spate of drizzly, gray, and decidedly autumnal days are upon us. The upside of this dreary weather is that warm, rich, comforting dishes like these short ribs are welcome on the table once again.

I absolutely love flavorful, slow-cooked, melting-off-the-bone short ribs, and have tried several recipes (including the Thomas Keller version, which paled in comparison to these.) This recipe has been adapted, over five years or so, from a recipe that David Chang supplied to the New York Times several years ago, pre-Momofuku fame and fortune. To my mind, they are the best short ribs I have ever eaten.

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September 25, 2011   11 Comments

{recipe} Kebab Karaz

There is great food to be had all over Syria, but the far northern Syrian city of Aleppo is the one that’s known throughout the Middle East for its refined cuisine and innovative use of flavors and spices. Kebab Karaz, an unusual and unexpectedly tasty combination of lamb meatballs with cherries, pomegranate, and pine nuts, is one of the signature dishes of the region. The flavor combination is unusual but wonderfully balances the richness of the lamb with the sweet and sour notes in the sauce.

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June 9, 2011   7 Comments

{meeeeeeeeeaaaat} How To Cook Steaks On Your Stovetop That Taste Better Than in a Fancy Restaurant

Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly seasoned steak cooked to your exact liking? For a meat-lover like me, there is not. Unfortunately it can be hard to get that steakhouse taste at home, unless you know a couple of culinary secrets. Here is my tried and true method for cooking steaks. Once you start making them this way, you will never go back to your old habits!

How To Cook Steaks On Your Stovetop That Taste Better Than in a Fancy Restaurant

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February 18, 2011   189 Comments

{iron chef in my kitchen} Short Rib Smackdown: Chang vs. Keller

For about 4 years, I have been using a recipe adapted from David Chang’s recipe for short ribs that was printed in the New York Times. (This was in 2006, before David Chang and Momofuku were super famous–at that time I didn’t even know who he was.) It is one of my favorite recipes for a dinner party and everyone loves it, but I felt like I was in a bit of a rut. I needed something spectacular to christen my new and much improved kitchen, so I decided to go with a Thomas Keller recipe for short ribs.

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October 14, 2010   9 Comments

{recipe} Moroccan Lamb Tagine

My dad got a tagine from Williams-Sonoma for Christmas so this was supposed to be in a tagine, but then I read that a ceramic tagine cracks on a gas flame (!?!?!?) so you’re not really supposed to use them. Thanks a lot, Williams-Sonoma. That is completely idiotic. So, hey, you know what, I decided to just make this in a pot. But in my heart, it’s a tagine. Also, it’s delicious. It goes wonderfully with couscous and a side of plain yogurt.

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April 17, 2010   1 Comment