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{travelogue} 10 Things I Like to Do in Portland, Oregon

1. Wolf down a wacky doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnuts┬áis famous for a reason- they have fabulous donuts and a slick sense of humor. While I opted for a relatively tame maple-bacon bar (maple bar with 2 thick slices of bacon on top) the special that day was intriguing: a caramel/Cheeto mashup called “Chester’s Revenge.” There’s often a line, so get a cup of coffee before you stake out your spot.

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October 17, 2011   8 Comments

{photojournal} Mod Motels and Alien Invasions on Albuquerque’s Central Avenue

In the heart of unassuming Albuquerque, New Mexico, lies a street that’s neat for those who like mid-century masterpieces and sci-fi spectacles. Central Avenue, surrounding the University of New Mexico in a neighborhood known as Nob Hill, is a fun street to walk around and provides surprises and delights at every turn.

The first sighting was a rocket ship and a UFO within a few stores of one another, housing a used clothing store (rocket ship) and a cafe (UFO.)

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June 19, 2011   4 Comments

{sweet and softee} Ice Cream Tour of New York City

Last week, I spent five days in New York. Since I was traveling with my gelatoholic husband, five days of travel means I was expected to sample a minimum of five ice cream places–one for each day, sometimes two. I’m not usually a big ice cream eater, but somehow, I managed to put quite a few cones and cups away. Here is a rundown of seven ice cream experiences to try in New York!

We unanimously agreed (in this case, unanimous only required two votes, but whatever) that the best ice cream in New York right now is a Salty Pimp from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. No one was as surprised as the gelatoholic, since he usually eschews soft serve. But this was no ordinary soft serve! It was special soft serve, injected with liquid dulce de leche, sprinkled with freshly cracked salt, and chocolate-dipped. Five bucks might sound steep for a soft serve, but after one bite I knew I would have paid like $500 for this thing. The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck roams around, so you can check their website or their Twitter feed to see where they are on any given day.

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May 31, 2011   3 Comments

{the carnivore diaries} A List of Steaks I Have Loved

You might have noticed by now that I love meat. Steak, especially! I also have an incredibly detailed memory for all of the food I have ever eaten in my life. So if you are wondering about my very favorite steaks, look no further. Here is a handy list of some of the best steaks and related steak-like items I have found in my time and travels thus far.

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September 21, 2010   6 Comments

{getaway} Eating in (Mostly West) Maui

Maui is a tropical paradise- what’s not to like? It’s so gorgeous and lovely and the very nice people are so full of Aloha spirit there that I’d go even if they had sub-par food (a few of the Caribbean islands come to mind, but I’m not naming names). But they don’t! The food there is some of the best. Especially if you are like me, and enjoy eating spicy raw fish multiple times a day.

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{10 second vacation} A Peek Into the Creation Museum in Kentucky

The Creation Museum is in Petersburg, Kentucky. It’s pretty close to the Cincinatti airport, so if you find yourself in Cin City or just have a long layover there, you might want to check it out. And if you’re going ironically, be aware that the vast majority of people go there completely un-ironically.

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{10 second vacation} Dream Houses? in Chico, Montana

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{restaurant} La Bombonera in San Juan, PR

Behold! This fantastically tasty sandwich is from La Bombonera, a funky, cheap-ass deli counter in Old San Juan.

American cheese, ham, crusty bread, all pressed in some 1950s machine. Heaven. I think it was only 2 dollars. Swig some cafe con leche along with it, and you’ve got a breakfast of champions. The place ain’t fancy and the people aren’t that nice, but that’s not what you’re after. There will be other tourists there, but plenty of locals too.

La Bombonera is at 259 Calle San Francisco in Old San Juan and open daily from 7:30 AM – 8 PM.

April 10, 2010   2 Comments

{sweet store} Daiso Japan

My friend Eliza gave me these awesome little containers. They are about an inch and a half high and super frickin’ adorable.


Their sole purpose is to allow you to bring a little bit of soy sauce with you wherever you go, just in case. They come with a little tiny eye-dropper so you can fill them up with soy sauce. So far they have never leaked and they always make me smile when I pull them out at lunchtime! Something about those vacant, beady eyes and perky ears- they are really endearing little pals to have around.

Eliza got these for a couple bucks at one of my very favorite stores in the world, Daiso Japan. Daiso is kind of like a super cool Japanese Dollar Store, except most things cost two dollars instead of one. Daiso has a crazy cross-section of stuff, from garden supplies to kids’ toys to dishes to cards (many in hilarious Engrish) to fake flowers to, er, individual soy sauce holders. With ten bucks in hand, you can have a GREAT time in there.

There are 3 stores in the Seattle area and 6 in the Bay Area- here’s a list of all U.S. locations.

January 30, 2010   3 Comments

{funny yet morbid} Crazy Old Gravestones in Concord, MA

I was out in Boston a while ago, and spent a couple hours in Concord, Mass, which is you know, where that whole “shot heard round the world” thing went down. Right in town there’s an old cemetery with some Revolutionary era gravestones. We spotted a couple of odd ones, like this one where they misspelled the guy’s name and had to fix their “typo”:

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