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{travelogue} Eight Fun Things to Do in Bangkok

Last month, I hit up Thailand for a quick trip on the way to and from Bhutan. I had been forewarned that Bangkok was a big, messy, dirty place, but once I got a little beneath the surface, I found there was a lot to love about it. Here are eight fun things I recommend you try if you find yourself in Bangkok!

Eight Fun Things to Do in Bangkok

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{canadian getaway} I Went to Tofino and Wanted to Stay Forever

There is a magical place way up on the northwestern side of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, called Tofino. This map will show you exactly where it is. I went there somewhat randomly and I ended up loving it so much, I kind of wanted to stay forever.

To get there, you take a little 7-seater prop plane from Vancouver, which lands at an airport that is approximately the size of your house. As you fly in, you see the incredible landscape of Clayoquot Sound and the countless inlets, bays, and islands that define the landscape.

True story: we arrived late and the car rental guy was no longer there, so the guy who flew the airplane had to give us a ride. Canadians are nice.

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{travelogue} Favorite Unique and Cheap Oahu Eats

You probably think of Oahu and your mind goes somewhere like this:

It’s a great place to visit – with sparkling white sand, clear blue water, peaks to hike, and palm trees swaying in the breeze. But one thing you might not realize is that this island paradise also boasts all kinds of unique and delicious culinary delights! Fortunately, the best things also happen to be pretty cheap eats. Here are some of my favorites.

Mochi at Bubbies
You can get ice cream almost anywhere in the world, but fresh mochi is a rare find. Head to this unassuming strip mall location for homemade mochi balls in dozens of flavors ranging from chocolate with peanut butter ice cream to passion fruit and sakura (cherry blossom.) The ice cream at Bubbies is also top-notch, and as a bonus, the sundaes are named to raise an eyebrow or two. Bubbies: two locations in Honolulu; check website for details. 

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{travelogue} Seven Things You Should Eat in Amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam. Perhaps you’ve come because the canals are picturesque, the folks whizzing by on bicycles are exhilirating, the museums are wondrous, and the design stores delightful… or maybe you just like drugs? Or are hardcore into tulips? No judgments here.

Whatever your reason, forget about all of that for a minute and focus on the food! If you find yourself in Amsterdam, here are seven special things you should seek out and shove down your gullet.

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{travelogue} Something for Everyone in Berlin

Berlin is one of those cities that has something for everyone—it can be equally exhilarating whether you’re a sophisticated museum-goer, history buff, laid-back yuppie, family unit, or young partier.

I would have loved Berlin in my younger days, but the older, wiser me is happy that I got to experience and enjoy it without a single hangover. (Full disclosure: since I was 6 months pregnant during my visit, a hangover was not in the cards anyway. But I like to think that regardless, I would have behaved with more moderation than some of the 20-somethings I saw on the U-Bahn still drinking at 8 AM from the previous night.)

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{travelogue} Chicago: Eating, Drinking, and a Few Other Things You Might Want to Do

For some reason I keep going to Chicago in the middle of winter, so mostly I spend my time eating and drinking (and being cold) when I’m there. Occasionally I get around to doing other things, too – so here are my top picks all around.

Eating & Drinking

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{ask me anything about anywhere} Travel Tips for Hong Kong & Shenzhen

People ask me for travel advice all the time, and sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it in advance. Here’s your chance to ask me anything about anywhere! If I have any good intel–I’ll gladly share it with you.

The question: “I’m finally making that trip to China I’ve talked about for so long – and will be spending 3 weeks in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Any advice would be appreciated!” 

Hong Kong is one of my favorite world cities, and neighboring Macau also holds a very dear place in my heart–so while I must admit I’m a little jealous about your impending journey, I’m excited to share some fun things to do!

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: in Hong Kong they actually do use bamboo for skyscraper scaffolding, as seen in every Jackie Chan movie ever made. This, I feel, is incredible.

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{travelogue} 10 Things I Like to Do in Portland, Oregon

1. Wolf down a wacky doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts

Voodoo Doughnuts is famous for a reason- they have fabulous donuts and a slick sense of humor. While I opted for a relatively tame maple-bacon bar (maple bar with 2 thick slices of bacon on top) the special that day was intriguing: a caramel/Cheeto mashup called “Chester’s Revenge.” There’s often a line, so get a cup of coffee before you stake out your spot.

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{crazy market} Stone Town Market, Zanzibar

I like to share crazy markets on this and other sites, because wherever I travel, the markets are always a big highlight for me. When we were on the island of Zanzibar, we hired a guide to take us around Stone Town so we could see all that the labyrinthine streets and alleys have to offer, including the incredible food markets.

This was really not just one market, but a group of different markets all adjacent to one another: fruit and vegetable, meat, fish, and chicken. It’s important to note that it was at least 100 degrees on the day we visited, and there is no glass on any of the windows.

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{time for tea} Where I Like to Eat in London (and What I Do in Between Meals)

I would love to tell you about all of the best restaurants in London, but London, of course, is enormous! It’s also expensive. So I will just have to tell you about my personal favorites. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s what works for me. In no particular order, here is what I like to eat…

Tea and toast at Paul Rothe & Son is a treat – and one of the cheaper things on this list. This generations-old shop in Marylebone is the perfect way to start a very English morning. Their white toast slathered with hunks of creamery butter and homemade jam go perfectly with a big cuppa.

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