{photojournal} Towering Around Town: Chicago, IL

I spent a chilly Fall weekend in Chicago with friends and wanted to share some of my favorite photos. I hadn’t been there for almost 20 years so it was a treat to spend a few days there, albeit cold and windy days!

Bertrand Goldberg’s Marina City towers seen from the river.

The fun/frightening Carnival Foods signage was the only (literally) bright spot on this overcast and rainy walk near Oz Park.

We caught a man on Halsted Street working diligently on this Barack Obama mural (just a few days before the November 2008 election.)

The comics at Second City hilariously dressed up one of the stodgy old guys carved onto their theater building’s facade for Halloween with a cape and Darth Vader mask.

Am I anthropomorphizing too much, or does this Lincoln Park house look like a person to you too?

Caramelized butterscotch and apple bacon hanging from a wire contraption during a mind-boggling molecular gastronomy dinner at Alinea.


I call this apartment building “the frowny robot building.”

Crowds approaching Anish Kapoor’s “Cloud Gate” sculpture (aka “the Bean”) in Millenium Park.

We were driving aimlessly through the suburbs and randomly came upon this half-scale model of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, built in 1934. The parklands that surely surrounded it at one time have been oddly subsumed by a YMCA and a Costco. (And yes, we took the obligatory “pushing it back upright” series of photos…)

The sign for Empire Liquors in Wicker Park sports real liquor bottles enclosed in mesh.

Loooooved this warning posted in the awesome Old Town Oil shop.

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