{breathe} Autumn in Sonoma

I had grandiose plans to do a Thanksgiving round-up talking all about my favorite pie recipes and so forth, but I have been totally slammed from all sides so that is not going to happen. But I think I can offer you something else: about 20 seconds’ worth of fall photos to de-stress you. Just looking at them makes me feel like I have a force-field protecting me from any worries or negativity that might try to encroach.

I mean, sure, I should be making grocery lists, doing the laundry, packing my suitcase, and printing out recipes. But instead, I will look at this multi-hued vineyard. Ahhhhh.

These are the olives on my parents’ trees, just before we picked them – we picked 211 pounds on Sunday to press for oil.

I love how it only has to rain for a few days before our old wooden fence posts are covered in moss (to go with the layers of lichen that are already in residence.)

And speaking of lichen – the oaks have pretty much got that covered.

The last of the fuyu persimmons on our tree – only about ten technicolor leaves remain.

I spotted some mossy little mushrooms that had sprouted on a downed branch. The caps were smaller than a dime.

My mom and I have been arguing about whether these beauties are toyon or pyrocantha, so if you have a clue, feel free to enlighten me.

One last look at the neighbors’ vineyards. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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