{make this} Momofuku’s Gooey Butter Cake Bars

Have you ever had gooey butter cake? How I went 36 years without ever putting one of these in my mouth is a mystery to me. Apparently there is one kind from St. Louis. And some other kind from Philadelphia. And some kind from Paula Deen that really pisses people off.

But none of that matters. What matters is that this kind, this kind right here, this is the only kind that you need to know. Imagine a cakey layer topped with the tastiest, ooiest, gooiest custard layer you can imagine, held in place with a crackly top. Christina Tosi, the Momofuku pastry chef, is no joke – her recipes always deliver, even if they seem weird. And the recipe is so easy, it’s almost mocking you.

These are too good. I can’t stop eating them. I am getting fat and I am probably getting diabetes and cavities and I don’t care. I can’t quit you, butter cake bars.

Get the super easy recipe from Some Kitchen Stories.

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