{recycling} Light Fixtures From Milk Jugs, Banana Crates, and More

It seems I’ve been serially bookmarking a whole bunch of odd and unusual DIY lighting ideas so I thought it was time to clean it out and share a few with you.

Latex Glove Lamp by Katarina Britse
STUNNING- the trick would be keeping them inflated for more than a couple hours.

Globe Lamps on Craftster
Crack open a globe and voila. I like this idea!

Milky Way Chandelier by Alexander Reh
ingredients: 14 1-gallon milk bottles, 1 hula hoop, 1 string Xmas lights.

The Slinky Light from Bouf
You can buy it for £45, but why would you when you could make one?

Chiquita Chandelier by Anneke Jakobs
Made with old banana boxes. She must have great potassium levels. Apparently there’s a how-to manual available at her website but I couldn’t find it.

Bettine Ping Pong Ball Lamp by Studio Kleefstra

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  1. norma says:

    so very creative….thanks