{laugh} Weird Japanese Food Items

I couldn’t resist sharing these neat and somewhat bizarre foodstuffs (and food-related) stuff I found in Japan!

  • my favorite- milk in a tube. huh? (ok so it’s condensed milk… but still.)

  • wasabi-beef flavor chips. yuk.

  • a kit to make sushi look like soccer balls, to entice your kid to eat it. you’d have to be a REALLY nice mom or dad to go through all that trouble.

  • I have never seen curry like this in Vermont, myself.

  • Kobe and Matsuzaka beef for sale at Takashimaya– about $200/lb, raw (they were really mad that I took a picture, but I’m not sure why.)

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2 Responses

  1. Cat says:

    Have you seen the single-serving martinis BevMo is currently hocking? Plastic martini glasses with cosmos, choco-tinis, etc. with pull off lids. I was fascinated and revolted all at the same time.

    • karen says:

      Yes! Those are so gross seeming. They are so… viscous. And oddly colored. Still, I’m with you, I’m a little fascinated by them!