{cuckoo for crocker balls} Betty Crocker’s Bisquick-Dependent Sausage Cheese Balls

And now I present an old-fashioned recipe  from the inimitable Miz Crocker that manages to combine sausage, cheese, and Bisquick in a pretty delicious (yet a tiny bit disgusting) way – a BALL.

I attended a family wedding in Oregon this summer, which is where I first encountered the aforementioned balls. My mom assured me that this unholy conglomeration of meat, cheese, and dough was a tried and true Betty Crocker classic. (Are you listening Mad Men writers? I can totally see Betty Draper Francis making these.) Using the magical powers of the Googles I was able to triangulate on the recipe and give it a go. Basically you mix 2 kinds of cheese, something called “bulk” sausage, some Bisquick, and a couple other things together in a bowl, roll the mess into balls, and bake them in the oven. Hey, at least they’re not fried! Serve with BBQ sauce and voila. It’s like eating a ball made out of the 1950s. Except without the hairspray, asbestos, or racism.

Hot out of the oven, they’re pretty darn tasty. So go ahead– get all retro up in your mouth and Betty up some balls, at least once. You know you’re curious!

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2 Responses

  1. I remember making something like this 20+ years ago. It probably tastes great – all that protein and fat held together with a little bit of Bisquick. But I just lost 12 pounds and I’m trying my best to make healthy food delicious. Enjoy though!