{make this} Ghetto Duck Confit from Simply Recipes

Duck confit in 2 hours? No way! Um… YES WAY.

I saw this on Simply Recipes and had to try it. First, it’s not too often you see the words “ghetto” and “confit” in the same phrase.  Second, duck confit is so delicious, but the multi-day preparation process has always been a huge turn-off.

The recipe calls for you to prick the duck skin with a needle before cooking it, which sounds laborious, but in reality only takes a couple of minutes. Not only is the duck meat wonderfully tender with an insanely crispy skin that there’s never enough of… you’re also rewarded with a nice big vat of duck fat to store in your fridge.

Look at all that tasty fat. Remarkable! I use my duck fat for popcorn.

Make it! Ghetto Duck Confit on Simply Recipes

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