{do it for the children} Eat These at the Blogger Bake Sale, May 14, 2011 in San Francisco!

People, this is what it looks like when I open my oven right now:

How cool is that? And who are these lovely and portable rainbow cakes for? A special friend’s birthday? A super cool kid? Nope. I’m not even going to take a bite.

I am going to frost them in the morning, put a lid on them, and bring them down to the Blogger Bake Sale happening right in my neighborhood tomorrow. (All the details are contained within that link.) You can buy them–and a slew of other offerings from dozens of talented food bloggers–if you stop by! The best part is that 100% of your money will go to Share Our Strength, a terrific organization that has the goal of ending childhood hunger.

The least I could do for this event was bring out the big guns, by which I mean, of course, the RAINBOWS! It’s a known fact that everyone loves rainbows, and I want these things to sell out so I can do my part to get a huge donation to Share Our Strength in play!

In addition to the rainbow cakes, allow me to further entice you. I’m also contributing a large batch of chewy pecan and potato chip cookies, and another set of jarred confections involving unholy amounts of nutella, chocolate cake, cream cheese icing, and graham crackers. See you there!

UPDATE: I put up the how-to for the cakes here, so you can make them yourself. Enjoy!

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7 Responses

  1. Save two for my kiddos! They will freak. out.

  2. Karen says:

    @Whitney – unfortunately I can’t do that, because they’re all promised to the sale. But I promise to surprise them with some in the future. (Smaller ones would probably be better from a sugar standpoint, too.) 🙂

  3. Dana says:

    These are adorable! What a great contribution to the bake sale!

  4. Shumaila says:

    How colorful! Wish I was in SF, would have loved to dig my teeth into them!

    • Karen says:

      Shumaila- you know what’s funny? I was JUST looking at your butter chicken recipe! It’s like Karma 🙂

  5. melody says:

    Your such a good person, what a great contribution to the bake sale..Those cakes are so lovely..

  6. Angelle says:

    Wow yummy! very colorful. How I wish I could make some of it. Awesome!