{travel tips} 21 Fabulous and Unique Things to Do and Eat in Paris

Today is Bastille Day, so I thought this seemed like an appropriate time to offer my top recommendations for Paris. Paris can be overwhelming, but after several visits I have distilled this list down to my all-time favorite things to do (and eat) in La Ville-Lumière. Since it’s me we’re talking about, they are mainly food-focused, but I’ve thrown a few cultural recommendations in to round it out!


21 Fabulous and Unique Things to Do and Eat in Paris 

  • Falafel in Rue Rosiers (pick a line, any long line, all of them are good.)
  • Crowded tables, friendly service, the best buckwheat crepes and strong Bretagne cider at Creperie Josselin in Montparnasse.
  • Finding the inner-city vineyard in Montmartre.
  • Soaking in a spa day at the hammam (communal baths) at L’Institut du Monde Arabe. (Check hours on their website: some days are men only, some days are women only.)
  • The tasting menu at the excellent Spanish restaurant Fogón. (Babysitter required.)
  • The strictly locals late night bar scene on Rue Oberkampf.
  • Sauntering through the painters at work in Place du Tertre at the top of Sacre Coeur and scouting out the moulins (windmills) tucked in the neighborhood nearby.
  • Eating fresh meringues from anywhere.

What am I missing? What are your favorite things to do in Paris? 

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2 Responses

  1. Darlene says:

    Love your suggestions, and I will incorporate into my summer trip to Paris. One I found particularly exciting was the flower arranging course with Ecole des Fleurs, but when I click the link, the domain seems to no longer exist. I have googled it in a number of ways but don’t seem to find anything recent. Any idea if it still operates?
    Thanks for the advice!

    • Karen says:

      @Darlene sorry I have no idea if it still exists! It was a Christian Tortu thing so maybe his website will help.