{recipe} Upside Down Banana Bread

I am a huge fan of all things upside down, and this recipe is no exception. A caramel-y, buttery layer of banana slices atop a moist and delicious banana bread – what could possibly be better?

banana bread 2

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{recipe} Creamy Coconut Cumin Chicken

Whenever I need to throw dinner together using things I have around, it often comes out as something like this: a comforting, creamy, spiced-up, coconut milk-based sauce with something in it. Often, it’s chicken–and usually some chickpeas or lentils. I also tend to add finely chopped nuts for flavor, texture, and health.

cumin chicken


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{recipe} Golden Potato Gnocchi with Herbed Brown Butter and Parmesan

I have been experimenting with making homemade gnocchi, because it is one of my absolute favorite dishes. But it can be hard to find a truly excellent plate of gnocchi, as they can often be gloppy, gluey, sticky, flavorless, and/or pretty boring. I think I have cracked the code here! These are pretty much perfect.


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{how to} Creamy Coconut Rice with Fried Garlic

I have eaten this multiple times over the past week, and am still not sick of it. It works beautifully on its own as a side dish. For an easy lunch I stir in some chickpeas sauteed with curry powder and cumin seeds. For a dinner party, it is great under Asian-marinated meat or chicken skewers.

coconut rice

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{recipe} Lovely Little Lemon Custard Cake Bites

Note: I am finally shutting down the old, ugly, 1.0 version of this site so I am re-posting some of my favorite recipes over here. This is a keeper!

I rarely make lemon desserts, because lemon isn’t my favorite dessert flavor, even though I love it in savory applications. But when one of my best friends asks for lemon birthday cake, by all means, I will make him lemon birthday cake.

lemon custard cake
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{make this} Chocolate Cinnamon Babka Recipe from Wise Sons

I love eating at Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen here in San Francisco. (Their location in the Jewish Museum downtown is a great pit stop for tourists, and I often recommend it.) So I was super excited to see that they had shared their secret chocolate cinnamon babka recipe publicly!

chocolate cinnamon babka recipe

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{bella roma} My Favorite Things to Do and Eat in Rome

Since tonight I officially returned to my Italian lessons after a 6 month hiatus, I was inspired to share my Rome travel guide. I have emailed this list of recommendations to so many people, but somehow it has never made it onto the blog. I’m excited to report all of my favorite things to do and eat in Rome, organized by neighborhood. I can’t wait to go back so I can expand this list even further!

rome street

Centro Storico [

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{semi-fail} Fourth of July Flag Cake

I had really high hopes for this Fourth of July flag cake, but it did not turn out as well as I’d hoped. I would not rate it a total fail, but it’s definitely on the fail side of winning. A semi-fail, if you will.

The thing is, America is far from perfect so perhaps a highly imperfect cake is a great way to celebrate the 4th of July (especially this year.)

fourth of july flag cake 1

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{happy birthday} How to Make an Easy Cat Cake

When my son turned one, I made him a cake in the shape of the number one. But lately he’s been pretty obsessed with cats of all kinds, so for his 2nd birthday, I wanted to make a cat-shaped cake. It was pretty easy to do, and came out great! He absolutely loved it.

easy cat cake

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{aloha advice} More of the Best Things to Eat in Maui

I thought I had seen and tasted most of Maui by now, since we keep going back again and again – but on our most recent trip, I found even more fantastic things to eat. I was especially wowed by the new-ish Star Noodle, which we went back to multiple times. I wish I could go there right now. It’s in a weird warehouse-y area and seems an unlikely spot for the best food in Maui, but I definitely think it’s a contender. The Filipino “Bacon and Eggs” was one of my favorite dishes.

star noodle maui

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