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{recipe} “Frozen”-Themed Meringue Trees

My son is obsessed with all things Anna, Elsa, and Olaf! He loves the movie Frozen so when we wanted to make meringues, we decided to give them a little bit of Frozen flair by coloring them pale teal with snowy sprinkles.

frozen meringue trees

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{adventures in gingerbread} The French Quarter, New Orleans – in Gingerbread

Behold: New Orleans’ French Quarter, made entirely of gingerbread and candy!
New Orleans Gingerbread House

For the past several years I’ve gotten together with a group of friends to make a crazy gingerbread project. (See bottom of the post for links to all of the previous projects!) This is actually last year’s project, which I thought I’d share now in hopes I can get it together in time this year to share our upcoming project. The project is always related to the theme of our Christmas party, which was “Christmas in the French Quarter.”

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{disco christmas} Saturday Night Fever, in Gingerbread

Every year a group of friends comes over and we make a crazy gingerbread “house” – usually more of a scene – to go along with the theme of our Christmas party. Last year I was too lazy to share photos and a description, so this year you get a twofer! We are making this year’s house tonight, so I thought I’d better share last year’s ASAP.

disco gingerbread

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{happy birthday} How To Make a Super Cool Thomas the Train Birthday Cake

Let me give you a quick piece of parenting advice that I learned the hard way: do not let an almost-2-year-old browse train birthday cakes on Pinterest. If you do, be aware that he may come to his birthday party with some seriously lofty expectations! This is how we got to this point. Luckily my sister–who, FUN FACT, earned a trophy for cake decorating in the 7th grade–was there with her super steady hands, clear design eye, and patience to help me work this out.

thomas the train birthday cake

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{recipe} Rainbow Tie-Dye Snickerdoodles

Do you believe in reincarnation? Based on how much I enjoy making and eating rainbow foods, I think I may have been a unicorn in a former life. I have been wanting to try rainbow cookies for some time now but all of the recipes I found looked pretty cool but seemed like they wouldn’t actually taste that great. So I felt compelled to invent the rainbow tie-dye snickerdoodle, which offers both good looks and great taste.

Rainbow Snickerdoodles
So how did I do it? It was a little laborious but not too difficult to pull off. I made snickerdoodles and divided the dough into 6 roughly equal parts. I colored each of these with one of the colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. After some time in the fridge to chill the colored doughs, I set up an assembly line and tore off little wads of each color and made a dough caterpillar. I turned the caterpillars in on themselves and rolled them gently into balls. Then I rolled the balls in white sugar and set them on the cookie sheet.

rainbow cookies 4

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{roundup} 10 Extremely Easy and Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Truly Lazy and Last-Minute Among Us

Yesterday I wrote about how to make heart-shaped bacon for your valentine. While not exactly an advanced-level craft, it will take you about 20 minutes from start to finish (although most of that time is spent waiting for the bacon to cook in the oven and trying to figure out how NOT to eat the bacon when it comes out of the oven.) But behold: the good people of the internets have come up with some ideas that are so incredibly easy and fast that you can probably hit up a 7-11 and use a post-it note and the marker that’s weirdly in your glove compartment to make one of these for your sweetheart. Pretty much every single one relies on a pun which is A-OK with me because I LOVE PUNS.


Here are the Pinterest links and rough ideas for you! Or just click through to my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and check them all out.

10 Extremely Easy and Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Truly Lazy and Last-Minute Among Us

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{feliz navidad} Epic Gingerbread Taqueria

I can’t believe this is the fifth crazy gingerbread project I’ve made, but here we are – and I think number five turned out pretty great despite a skeleton crew working on it. So without further ado I present to you: San Francisco’s iconic La Taqueria, entirely rendered in gingerbread and candy form.

la taq

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December 18, 2013   4 Comments

{side project} Welcome to My Massive Mid-Century Modern Renovation

Two years ago, we bought a crazy 1960s house in the wine country near Santa Rosa. This only happened because it is literally next door to my parents’ house, and that kind of opportunity just doesn’t come along every day. In fact, the folks we bought the house from has built it themselves–meaning, with their own hands–in 1963 and lived in it until the present day. What an opportunity for an eclectic mid-century remodel project! It’s been habitable and nearly done for the better part of a year, but I finally got around to photographing and compiling the whole mess. Come on in and take a look!


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{how to} How To Make Lavender Salt – And 8 Suggestions For How to Use It

We grow an outrageous amount of lavender in our garden, and aside from making lavender caramel sauce from time to time, I have mostly left the lavender flowers to the bees. But this year I decided to do something with it. It is incredibly easy to make lavender salt, and it’s a wonderful addition to your pantry or a classy homemade gift.

lav salt

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August 12, 2013   6 Comments

{diy} Easy Spray Paint Picture Frame Project

I don’t post that many craft projects on this blog, although I do a fair amount of crafting. This one was easy and turned out pretty well so I thought I would share it. I had a vision of white picture frame ledges on a white wall with frames in varying shades of gold and cream. After a relatively cheap and easy project, I was really happy with the end result:

pic frames 1

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