{roundup} 10 Extremely Easy and Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Truly Lazy and Last-Minute Among Us

Yesterday I wrote about how to make heart-shaped bacon for your valentine. While not exactly an advanced-level craft, it will take you about 20 minutes from start to finish (although most of that time is spent waiting for the bacon to cook in the oven and trying to figure out how NOT to eat the bacon when it comes out of the oven.) But behold: the good people of the internets have come up with some ideas that are so incredibly easy and fast that you can probably hit up a 7-11 and use a post-it note and the marker that’s weirdly in your glove compartment to make one of these for your sweetheart. Pretty much every single one relies on a pun which is A-OK with me because I LOVE PUNS.

Here are the Pinterest links and rough ideas for you! Or just click through to my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and check them all out.

10 Extremely Easy and Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Truly Lazy and Last-Minute Among Us

Curvy: Bananas that you write on or etch messages on – like “Let’s never split” or “I’m bananas for you” or “I find you incredibly a-peel-ing” etc.

Crunchy: Bag of Fritos with a note saying “You’re all that and a bag of chips”

Bubbly: Can of Orange Crush with a note saying “I’ve got a crush on you”

Juicy: Bottle of OJ with a note saying “Valentine, you’re my main squeeze”

Spicy: Hot Tamale candies or Red Hots with note saying “You’re so hot” or “I’m hot for you”

Fishy: Swedish fish and gummi worms with a note saying “I’m yours, hook line and sinker” or “You’re quite a catch”

Sugary: Candy hearts in a jar with a note saying “you’re sweet”

Nutty: Nuts or candy peanuts with a note saying “I’m nuts about you”

Sucky: Sucker with a note saying “without you my life would suck” but the YOU SUCK is really big so at first it seems like an insult so it’s funny

Campy: Hershey’s, graham cracker, and marshmallow with a note that says “I’ll love you forever and then S’more”

Near-sighted: Use your computer to make a card that looks like an eye chart saying “I only have eyes for you”

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  1. ricci says:

    I wish to do literally all of these for my boyfriend.

    All. Of. Them.

    At once