{recipe} Spicy Mexican Chocolate Tequila Balls (in the style of Bourbon Balls)

Every Christmas, my brother-in-law Steve requests a batch of bourbon balls like his grandma used to make. The original recipe for this old-fashioned holiday treat calls for crushing up nuts, Nilla wafers, powdered sugar and cocoa and moistening them with bourbon and corn syrup. They are no-bake and super easy to make, but the problem is, nobody in our family likes them but him! So this year I decided to shake up tradition a little bit and incorporate some of his other favorite things into the recipe, like tequila, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and chipotle powder, in hopes of getting a few more takers.

tequila balls

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{recipe} Coconut Candied Pecans

I love candied nuts, and make them each year for the holidays. I usually do a sweet, salty, and spicy version. But lately I have discovered a way to make candied nuts that are better than the usual: by adding a generous helping of unsweetened coconut flakes to the mix. It adds a subtle coconut flavor and a welcome chewiness to the mix. I like the Bob’s Red Mill brand because the flakes are paper-thin but big enough to stand up to the nuts.

coconut candied pecans

I have been putting these on all kinds of things. I first made a version with pistachios and slivered almonds and put it on a spinach salad that also had pomegranate seeds and roasted squash on it. That was great, but last night I made them with pecans to top a pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

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{roundup} 10 Extremely Easy and Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Truly Lazy and Last-Minute Among Us

Yesterday I wrote about how to make heart-shaped bacon for your valentine. While not exactly an advanced-level craft, it will take you about 20 minutes from start to finish (although most of that time is spent waiting for the bacon to cook in the oven and trying to figure out how NOT to eat the bacon when it comes out of the oven.) But behold: the good people of the internets have come up with some ideas that are so incredibly easy and fast that you can probably hit up a 7-11 and use a post-it note and the marker that’s weirdly in your glove compartment to make one of these for your sweetheart. Pretty much every single one relies on a pun which is A-OK with me because I LOVE PUNS.


Here are the Pinterest links and rough ideas for you! Or just click through to my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board and check them all out.

10 Extremely Easy and Clever Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Truly Lazy and Last-Minute Among Us

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{recipe} Sesame Ginger Candy

Do you remember eating sesame candy as a kid? I used to love the sticky little rectangles of sesame seeds suspended in a honey-sweet bar. Great news: it’s actually pretty easy to make at home, and you can add a bit of grated ginger to make it even tastier.

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January 4, 2013   4 Comments

{adventures in gingerbreading} The Snowy Japanese Gingerbread Pagoda

Last week I did a roundup of my previous adventures in non-traditional gingerbreading, and I’m excited to show you what we made this year: The Snowy Japanese Gingerbread Pagoda.

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December 21, 2012   3 Comments

{recipe} Rainbow Fudge

I saw a recipe for rainbow fudge on Pinterest recently, and knew I had to make it. (For a full-fledged adult in her mid-30s, it turns out I’m pretty into rainbows.) But, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a couple of major issues with the original recipe… so I had to do it my own way.

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February 15, 2012   44 Comments

{recipe} Pumpkin Fudge, Four Ways in One Pan

Are you from a picky family? I am. My Mom won’t touch any nut (besides an almond) with a 10 foot pole, while my Dad thinks that candy without nuts is like a body without a soul. There are lovers and haters of white, milk, and dark chocolate. And don’t even get me started on raisins.

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October 10, 2011   8 Comments

{candy wonderland} Gingerbread Christmas Cabana – This Year, Santa’s in the Southern Hemisphere!

Christmas is almost here! Yay. That means it’s gingerbread time. Every year we have a theme party, which last year resulted in the Gingerbread Casbah. This year the theme is “Christmas in Summer” so we took Santa to the Southern Hemisphere with a Gingerbread Christmas cabana!

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December 18, 2010   10 Comments

{recipe} Almost Thornton’s Christmas Toffee

My parents travel a lot, and on a trip to the UK last year, my Dad became obsessed with Thornton’s toffee. He went through several bags that were supposed to be gifts, and started ordering it on the internet at exorbitant prices. I looked around for recipes that might approximate the taste and texture, and last Christmastime we replaced our old standby toffee recipe with this one from Epicurious.

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December 8, 2010   3 Comments

{candy on my fruity} How To: Win Friends and Influence People with Caramel-Dipped Fruits

You know what makes a fig better? Dipping it in hot caramel and letting it harden and seeing how pretty it is and then eating it, all crunchy and soft and delicious.

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