{candy on my fruity} How To: Win Friends and Influence People with Caramel-Dipped Fruits

You know what makes a fig better? Dipping it in hot caramel and letting it harden and seeing how pretty it is and then eating it, all crunchy and soft and delicious.

You know what makes THAT better? Dipping aforementioned fig in caramel and THEN in chopped roasted cashews and a little bit of cinnamon.

Ditto for apples!

I could tell you how… but Fig & Kindle helpfully wrote out a tutorial with these gorgeous seckel pears. So why reinvent the wheel?

A couple of notes for success:

  • This is an excellent dairy-free dessert.
  • Make sure your fruit is top quality. Mushy fruit dipped in caramel is still mushy fruit!
  • Make sure the fruit is clean and very dry. Caramel won’t stick to wet fruit.
  • The caramel will harden much more quickly than you think, so work fast and have everything prepared and set out neatly before you get started.
  • You can use foil or parchment instead of waxed paper if you wish- it won’t stick once the caramel hardens.
  • The dipped fruit will start to weep a little after about 2 hours in a warm kitchen, so if at all possible, dip them no more than an hour or two before serving.
  • Don’t put them in the fridge or they’ll get messy.
  • Lastly, this might seem like a fun craft to do with kids, but seeing as the caramel is about a million degrees, I’m going to recommend against doing that unless they’re at least in the double digits!

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5 Responses

  1. JehanP says:

    Nice, very elegant dessert.

  2. UrMomCooks says:

    Impossibly sophisticated with the figs! I am doing caramel fruit for wedding favors – luv the tips and the ideas!

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you both! You are too kind.

  4. Kathryn says:

    Wow- those look so tasty! And so much classier-looking than traditional caramel apples. I would be happy to serve something like that at a dinner party! Too bad I’d probably burn my hand off 🙂

  5. mjskit says:

    This sounds awesome! I never would have thought of putting together two of my favorites – figs and caramel. Now I can’t wait for fig season!