{idea} Sick of Margaritas? Turn Your Blender Into a Lamp!

Problem: an old blender that doesn’t work!
Solution: turn it into a funky lamp!

You can learn to make this blender lamp on Instructables. The only tiny sticking point for me is that this guy works somewhere there’s a sandblaster so he was able to get the blender sandblasted for free and make it frosty-cool. But you or I would probably not be able to do that so easily or cheaply.

I’m kind of annoyed right now because I had a garage sale recently and I sold not one but TWO old blenders. Dammit. Now I’ll have to wait until my current blender craps out OR find a garage sale blender myself. Or, just not do this project. That’s a good solution too.

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1 Response

  1. Scott says:

    You sold your blenders and I took mine apart. I was curious what the inside looked like! Now I’m waiting for my current blender to kick the bucket so I can get a new one…and turn the old one into a lamp! Great idea for the kitchen