{white on rice on sprouts} Bacony Brussels Sprouts from White On Rice Couple

I make brussels sprouts a lot but I never use a recipe. Sometimes they come out delicious! Other times, a bit lackluster. I decided to bring some discipline into my life and actually follow a recipe from White on Rice Couple because these guys never disappoint. Hey, whaddaya know? That turned out to be an excellent idea. This is now my go-to brussels sprouts recipe. When I serve it to friends, they always ask for the recipe.

A few notes: my stove is very hot, so the braising time may be as little as 8-10 minutes for me. After the sprouts are braised, I usually take the lid off and continue cooking to boil off the excess liquid. Also, sometimes I double the bacon amount. So sue me.

If you would like Todd and Diane show you the way to brussels sprouts success every time, get their recipe (and some gorgeous pictures to get your mouth watering.) Of course, first I’ll have to find time to try some of their other recipes for brussels sprouts too… I’ve got my eye on this one in particular. Luckily it’s brussels sprout season so I’ve got lots of chances! Thanks, guys!

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  1. Ian says:

    looks and sounds amazing, thanks!