{friday favorites list} Things I’m Loving Right This Minute

These are some of the things I’m currently enamored with. 

Reminiscing about a recent trip to Pescadero, which involved warm artichoke bread and cuddling baby goats

Instacart grocery delivery service

This incredibly intricate bowl carved from a watermelon

The hook on The Dream’s new track “Too Early”

Making easy cronuts at home usingTrader Joe’s frozen croissants

The fancy-cute patterns on the diapers I get delivered from The Honest Company

This lovely tilt-shift photo of Reykjavik

Finding a place that will custom paint a clawfoot bathtub any color I want

The idea of crunchy baked asparagus fries

These artistically painted renditions of popular memes

At least half the chandeliers from Layla Grace

This purple and pink dining room

A popsicle that looks like the ocean

Edited to add: These Revlon lip pencils (thanks to Whitney for reminding me how much I love them)

What are you loving lately? 

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4 Responses

  1. You forgot about your fave lip pencil!

    I’m loving the local independent bakery that sells a cup of coffee for $1.55; the exciting uncertainty of my kids being on summer vacation and not having every day planned; my yoga ball office chair; my sore muscles from an intense workout yesterday.

  2. Sarah says:

    Must investigate this amazing lip pencil!