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{epic food market} My Trip to the Shanghai Wet Market – on

I wrote a guest post about the Shanghai Wet Market for the “Farmer’s Market Update” feature on Summer Tomato. It’s not your typical farmer’s market, unless you are accustomed to buying live poultry, snakes, eels, and frogs at an enormous, multi-block open market that’s open 24/7. Leave it to the booming metropolis of Shanghai to offer such a supercharged food market.

I love this picture of rice sacks in the market – to see much much more, you can travel along with me in the Wet Market on Summer Tomato. Thanks to Darya for letting me share my photos and stories from this incredible market!

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{ask me anything about anywhere} Your Favorite Shops in Tokyo?

People ask me for travel advice all the time, and sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it in advance. Here’s your chance to ask me anything about anywhere! If I have any good intel–I’ll gladly share it with you.

The Question: I’m heading to Tokyo for a business trip, and I want to find some really cool and unique shops for gifts, food, and a taste of Japanese pop culture while I’m there. What are your favorite shops in Tokyo?

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{getaway} Best of Bali

Some friends are heading to Bali for their honeymoon–and while I’m incredibly jealous, I had to share some of my very favorite recommendations for hotels, restaurants, and activities. Bali is one of my most beloved places in the whole world. There are many places that I visit and think, “this is great, but now that I’ve seen it, I don’t have to come back.” Bali is not one of those places.

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{10 second vacation} Kappabashi Street in Tokyo

Kappabashi is the restaurant supply street of Tokyo. Everyone tells you to go and marvel at the many stores full of plastic food. But nobody warns you about the giant chef head and the gigantor coffee cups. To see them yourself: Tokyo metro to Asakusa station.


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{laugh} Weird Japanese Food Items

I couldn’t resist sharing these neat and somewhat bizarre foodstuffs (and food-related) stuff I found in Japan!

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{wtf airlines?} China Southern Air FAQs

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{engrish} Helpful Signs in Tokyo

I came across these pictures I took in Japan that I had been meaning to post. It makes perfect sense that the nation that created the juggernaut that is the Hello Kitty diaspora would have so-cute-it’s-sick signage, even on the serious subway. Don’t they know about terr’ism?

The pictures are not all totally related beyond being roughly subway-related, so I will attempt to weave a compelling narrative around them so that they make sense as a grouping.

So many things in Japan are adorable when they needn’t/shouldn’t be. For example, on the subway, this chubby little bear, and the raccoon mommy and baby tell give you some safety advisories. I think these are a lot more fun than a regular boring old sign. And those raccoons are so cute I want to pet them even though if they were real they would probably eat garbage and have rabies. But they’re SO CUTE! And they don’t want you to hurt your hands! Awwww.

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{laugh} Funny Drinks From Japan

When I was in Tokyo I took a lot of pictures of weird drinks I found in vending machines… enjoy!

  • POCARI SWEAT – I don’t know what a “pocari” is but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to drink its sweat! Tastes like Gatorade but gross.

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{wordless wednesday} Stacks of Snacks in Chengdu, China

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{engrish} Lost In Translation: Signs in China

I saw some really great signage in China that made me laugh and sometimes made me feel perplexed and I liked them all a lot. Here are my favorites!

This is from a menu in Harbin… but how to decide if I should order the “The syrup forks the fever” or the “The gold medal burns the goose?”

The “CrazySelf-Help” Karaoke Bar in Harbin.

Yeah, people should totally be “thinkgking” of that before urinating. This sign was in a (very fancy) mens restroom at Qingcheng Mountain, which is actually the birthplace of the Tao religion so I guess they want to make sure everyone remains all Zen. Er, Tao. (Ross took this picture so don’t blame me if it’s all shaky.)

This ticket sign for a museum in Harbin is not exactly PC: you’ve got your “Old People” price, and your “Deformity People” price, in addition to everyone else.

I can’t help reading the message on this Christmas decoration like a command. “Xmas! Marry!”

The first 2 seem reasonable, but the last one really seems a little lofty for being a random sign in a private KTV (karaoke) room (in Tibet Hotel, Chengdu.) If it helps, the name of the private karaoke room was “Sacred Umbrella.”

These meat cubes roasted on a skewer with Caucasian flavor are looking delicious on this ad for a Russian restaurant in Harbin. Doesn’t mention whether it contains actual Caucasians or not though.

This is one of my most favorite signs. These are the Chengdu Municipal Rules Pertaining to Civilzed Tour which are all over the city, in touristy spots. All of the rules are really applicable to life, but I particularly like:
#1: “Don’t spit.” HA! In China? Yeah right! Everyone is hocking loogies constantly.
#3: “Don’t give animal any food without permit when you are in the zoo.” Is this REALLY a problem?
#5: “Do not be out for small advantages.” No idea what that refers to, I’m guessing euphemism.
#7: “Do not wear clothes exposing the neck or shoulders in public places.” This is China, not Saudi Arabia, so I don’t get that one either- we saw plenty o’ necks and shoulders and no one seemed to mind.
#8: “Advocate a happy and healthy way of life. Resist superstition. Avoid pornography, gambling and drug.” Amen to that. Although realistically, I’m not sure reading it on this sign is going to be the tipping point for people in the clutches of those particular vices.

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