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{travelogue} Seven Things You Should Eat in Amsterdam

Ah, Amsterdam. Perhaps you’ve come because the canals are picturesque, the folks whizzing by on bicycles are exhilirating, the museums are wondrous, and the design stores delightful… or maybe you just like drugs? Or are hardcore into tulips? No judgments here.

Whatever your reason, forget about all of that for a minute and focus on the food! If you find yourself in Amsterdam, here are seven special things you should seek out and shove down your gullet.

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{travelogue} Something for Everyone in Berlin

Berlin is one of those cities that has something for everyone—it can be equally exhilarating whether you’re a sophisticated museum-goer, history buff, laid-back yuppie, family unit, or young partier.

I would have loved Berlin in my younger days, but the older, wiser me is happy that I got to experience and enjoy it without a single hangover. (Full disclosure: since I was 6 months pregnant during my visit, a hangover was not in the cards anyway. But I like to think that regardless, I would have behaved with more moderation than some of the 20-somethings I saw on the U-Bahn still drinking at 8 AM from the previous night.)

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{time for tea} Where I Like to Eat in London (and What I Do in Between Meals)

I would love to tell you about all of the best restaurants in London, but London, of course, is enormous! It’s also expensive. So I will just have to tell you about my personal favorites. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it’s what works for me. In no particular order, here is what I like to eat…

Tea and toast at Paul Rothe & Son is a treat – and one of the cheaper things on this list. This generations-old shop in Marylebone is the perfect way to start a very English morning. Their white toast slathered with hunks of creamery butter and homemade jam go perfectly with a big cuppa.

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{ask me anything about anywhere} “What Should I Do in Rome, Tuscany, and Venice?”

People ask me for travel advice all the time, and sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it in advance. Here’s your chance to ask me anything about anywhere! If I have any good intel–I’ll gladly share it with you.

The question: “This summer, I’m going to Italy- biking from Rome to Venice, through Tuscany, with lots of stops in between. What are your favorite things to see, eat, and do there?”

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{wordless wednesday} Holmes In The Heezy at Baker Street Tube in London

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{surprise} Finding Ben Eine’s Alphabet in London

One early morning in London I happened to walk up Middlesex Street, when I came across a bunch of letters painted on the closed up shops. It was such a nice surprise on a dreary day. I looked into it and learned it was the handiwork of street artist Ben Eine….

You know, Ben Eine. I’ll spell it out for you:

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{ask me anything about anywhere} “Paris, Berlin, & Rome, with Stops In Between?”

People ask me for travel advice all the time, and sometimes I just don’t get around to blogging about it in advance. Here’s your chance to ask me anything about anywhere! If I have any good intel–I’ll gladly share it with you. This is the question that inspired the start of this new regular feature!

The Question: “Me, my wife, and my 2-year-old son are going to Europe for the month of May.  We fly into Berlin at the start of the month and we fly out of Rome at the end.  We will definitely make our way to Paris in between, but that’s all we have.  I’ve only been to London, Amsterdam and few cities in Spain, so I am completely overwhelmed with the many choices of where else we could go. So, I’m wondering if you know of any easy-to-get-to great locales in between Berlin, Paris and Rome. Also, any train advice you have would be helpful.  I know that flying between the cities would be cheapest, but I’m trying to avoid flying and airports as much as possible.

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{wordless wednesday} See, I Have This Idea For A Book Called “Trees with Landmarks”…

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{the carnivore diaries} A List of Steaks I Have Loved

You might have noticed by now that I love meat. Steak, especially! I also have an incredibly detailed memory for all of the food I have ever eaten in my life. So if you are wondering about my very favorite steaks, look no further. Here is a handy list of some of the best steaks and related steak-like items I have found in my time and travels thus far.

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{palermo photojournal} Take the Gun, Leave the Cannoli

Palermo, Sicily is a city of contrasts. It’s the fifth largest metropolis in Italy, with over a million people in the metro area. It’s also a very old city–almost 3,000 years of continuous existence. Most people think of the mafia when they hear “Palermo”–but the city is textured and interesting far beyond the Cosa Nostra connection.

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