{late to the party} An Inappropriately Timed Easter Post About Natural Dyes for Easter Eggs

As you know Easter was last weekend, so this post will actually not be useful to anyone for approximately 381 days– but I don’t really care because I don’t blog for money or anything, and I took nice pictures and if I don’t write down what I did I will surely forget. I’ll try to remember to re-post this in a more timely manner next year. Until then… allow me to “resurrect” the Easter spirit (ba-dam-cha.) I’m here all week, folks.

So, this year I wanted to try natural Easter egg dye, so I enlisted my nieces and nephews for some experiments. First, I put some dye on the kids to see if they would get a rash. Oh my gosh not really! I didn’t mean that kind of experiment. That would be horrible. I meant I enlisted them to help me experiment with dying eggs. So first, we boiled red cabbage for 30 minutes and then dyed eggs in it. They turned bright blue! They had to sit in the dye for a couple of hours, but still! For the yellows, we used turmeric (for the darker ones) and saffron flowers (for the lighter ones.) It wasn’t real saffron, it was something called saffron flowers that was $1.69 for a whole bag. I don’t know what it was. But we’re on a need to know basis, and all I know is that it was a bag of little red thingies that kind of looked like saffron and made the eggs light yellow. My mom was seriously stressed about the turmeric because turmeric stains everything. So be careful with that one. I wanted to try beets for red eggs but beets are gross. Maybe by next year I’ll be mature enough to handle beets. Probably not.

So then we tried this other crazy technique from Serious Eats where you put stuff from your garden on a raw egg, then wrap it in onion skins, then fabric, then boil for 10 minutes. We did some in onion and some in cabbage. The cabbage ones are the lighter ones. It was like a fun science experiment and the kids really liked it! You know, for a really short time as kids do. On some you could totally make out the leaf and flower patterns!

So go ahead – bookmark this shit and then somewhere around November you’ll be like, what is this bookmark, why am I saving something for Easter? What the hell? And then just forget about it and go on with your life. You’re welcome. And happy Easter.

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  1. I like it. The pictures are so pretty. And there’s nothing like a poorly timed post for good SEO.

  2. Priya Ghosh says:

    so perfect, the decoration is awesome! thanks for the images!

  3. ma ng says:

    waiting for easter 2018

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